Whats new?

New series of brass sculptures

Simultaneously to the altar, a new series of brass sculptures is being created. Ptasiek (Birdy), Kiwi (Kiwi), Pies (Dog) (see their pictures in GALLERY) and Bulterier (Bull Terrier) are ready. Słoń w butach (Elephant in Shoes) is ready for casting, Syrena (Mermaid) is still being designed. :) Maybe in 2014, there will be some exhibition out of it...

Stations of the Cross have been delivered

Whew! After more than a year of hard work with clay, plaster, resin and metal, all fourteen Stations of the Cross have been delivered. :) See the pictures in GALLERY or see them live in the Church of the Annunciation in Białystok. The next challenge, to which I will dedicate myself during the next couple of months, lies ahead of me: an altar for the Church. Work in progress...

New website is ready

New website is ready! My vision and ideas/realization of Webidea, and the Great Fruit Cocktail called has been served. :) Many thanks to the Webidea team! If you want, you can express your opinion on Facebook. :) Attention! Particularly critical comments may be removed by the moderator. ;)