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The works are created by means of hands and imagination. Also helpful are patience, a cool head, strong enthusiasm, family support and common sense, as well as aromatic coffee in quantities greater than can be produced in a coffee maker in one go.

For painting, I use the paints of renowned companies: Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Astra. I usually make the stretcher myself, using carefully selected pine wood for the purpose. I prime the linen according to my own recipe, using only natural components, with no additional polymers or acrylics. All works are varnished. The sides of the paintings are not covered with paint, and they are usually unframed.


Batik is a manual technique of painting with warm wax on the canvas. On covering the canvas with wax, selected fragments of the cloth are dyed. Each batik is made in one copy and is unique. It is painted on thin canvas, by the means of paint of a very high quality. It will not fade in colour even after many years. It looks amazingly effective when framed and put behind glass or highlighted.


The works of art. are created in the “lost wax” technology. First, they are curved in soft material (wax), and afterwards cast in brass and undergo final processing. The technique is extremely time-consuming and requires a considerable input of financial means (the cost of the raw material and casting). Each and every work of art is created as a the only specimen.


The works are created in an individual technique.


There is only one copy of each piece of jewellery, invented and designed by myself. The works are handmade from precious/semiprecious stones, 925 sterling silver and additional materials of the highest quality.


Whats new?

New series of brass sculptures

Simultaneously to the altar, a new series of brass sculptures is being created. Ptasiek (Birdy), Kiwi (Kiwi), Pies (Dog) (see their pictures in GALLERY) and Bulterier (Bull Terrier) are ready. Słoń w butach (Elephant in Shoes) is ready for casting, Syrena (Mermaid) is still being designed. :) Maybe in 2014, there will be some exhibition out of it...

Stations of the Cross have been delivered

Whew! After more than a year of hard work with clay, plaster, resin and metal, all fourteen Stations of the Cross have been delivered. :) See the pictures in GALLERY or see them live in the Church of the Annunciation in Białystok. The next challenge, to which I will dedicate myself during the next couple of months, lies ahead of me: an altar for the Church. Work in progress...

New website is ready

New website is ready! My vision and ideas/realization of Webidea, and the Great Fruit Cocktail called has been served. :) Many thanks to the Webidea team! If you want, you can express your opinion on Facebook. :) Attention! Particularly critical comments may be removed by the moderator. ;)


Who i am ?

Barbara Olszańska-Żywalewska

There is no better welcome than with a smile, that is why Basia Olszańska-Żywalewska smiles to you from this place. If you came across my virtual workshop, it would be a real pleasure to keep you here longer.  A few words about me are  necessary in order to know each other better.

I was born in 1975 in Łapy – a beautiful little town in the picturesque heart of Podlasie on Narew river. Formally I am an artist, but official language is not best suited to my work – which has from  the beginning been linked to  creation and art. In 1995, I  graduated from the High School of Art in Suprasl (range of specialization: utility forms, specialization: woodcarving). The next step was    studies in the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdańsk (specialization: medal making and small  forms). I defended my thesis in 2001 in the sculpture workshop under the guidance of Professor Edward Sitko. These were good years of learning and collecting priceless experiences.

I carve, paint and sketch. I create. Two fantastic tiny tots run around my house – Iga and Roch, who are an inspiration for me, as also my husband Radek, who supports me in marketing and... ophthalmology. Apart from that, there are my sister and brother-in-law, and you should know that their mood can crush  the hardest sculpture.

Recalling one of Lec's Uncombed Thoughts: “Let's not imagine ourselves, let's just be”, I stand here in front of you and I remain at your disposal  – ready for  cooperation, dialogue and  exchange of thoughts. I will listen  with pleasure to every opinion and I will answer every question.


I am surrounded by the frightening open spaces of the universe(…), I see infinity on all sides enclosing me like an atom.

Blaise Pascal

The art starts here – in the head. In the middle of the painting stands a man. Proud, pensive, sometimes vain, mysterious, effusive or pretending to be someone else. In  the background of nature, it falls to his lot to act against himself,  to pursue the formula of mutiny, his relations with the world becoming incomprehensible. Animal instinct fights with calculation for primacy, or maybe it only appears so.

That is where I will build my house – this man points with his finger. In this place my existence  will acquire some sense – he says.  This is one place in the Universe which is not filled, maybe is waiting to be filled.  Look in that direction.

Reed in the wind. The most fragile in the nature, but contemplative – as Pascal said. I see a man – he is the source of the inspiration for me. He is delightful, but at the same time – from the perspective of the overwhelming world and indestructible nature – remains little and weak. Where is his place? What is his aim? What is he doing here? Looking for the answers to these questions, I am collecting creative thoughts and translating them to the language of art.


Specialization: painting, sclpture, batik, drawing (many works using various techniques can be found in art collections both in the country and abroad).
Activity: membership of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers, founder and member of a young artists' group Grupa '75.
Professional activity: Since 2011 Artistic Workshop, which means piles of invoices for tools and materials for stonework.
Other interests: art history, travelling, film, literature, doll-making, flying machines.


  • 2000 Individual Exhibition of drawing, graphics, and painting in the Voivodeship Centre of Culture Propagation in Bialystok, titled: "Metaphorical Theatre in Several Scenes".
  • 2002 Exhibition of the Young Sculpture in Gdansk, award.
  • 2002 Individual exhibition of painting, titled: "Stories of Flying" in the "Marszand" Gallery in Bialystok.
  • 2002 Collective Exhibition of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers in the "Marszand" Gallery in Bialystok.
  • 2005 Exhibition of the Association of Polish Artists and Designers in "Arsenal" Gallery in Bialystok, titled: "White Drawing-Room".
  • 2005 Individual sculpture and batik fabric exhibition in "Marszand" Gallery in Bialystok
  • 2005 Participation in International Festival of Theatrical and Artistic Activities in Tczew - Europe "Happenings"
  • 2006 Individual exhibition of sculpture in the Smallest Gallery in the World in Torun, titled: "Solar".
  • 2006 Collective exhibition of the "'75Group" artists in "Spodki" Gallery of the Voivodeship Centre of Culture Propagation in Bialystok, titled: "In wait for..."
  • 2006 Enterprise of the "'75Group", titled: "Awakening", which constituted a part of the Festival of the Days of Modern Art in Bialystok.
  • 2006 Collective exhibition of artists of "'75Group" in the "Salon Uroczysko" Gallery, as a part of the Encounters with Nature and "Uroczysko" (the Sacred Spot) Spectacle in Suprasle.
  • 2007 Collective exhibition of the "'75Group" artists in "Spodki" Gallery of the Voivodeship Centre of Culture Propagation in Bialystok, titled: "8th Marth”
  • 2007 Collective exhibition of artists of "'75Group" in the "Salon Uroczysko" Gallery, as a part of the Encounters with Nature and "Uroczysko" (the Sacred Spot) Spectacle in Suprasle.
  • 2008 Individual Exhibition of painting titled: "Anima" in "Spodki" Gallery of the Voivodeship Centre of Culture Propagation in Bialystok.


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Barbara Olszańska-Żywalewska
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