This is how I work


The works are created by means of hands and imagination. Also helpful are patience, a cool head, strong enthusiasm, family support and common sense, as well as aromatic coffee in quantities greater than can be produced in a coffee maker in one go.

For painting, I use the paints of renowned companies: Rembrandt, Van Dyck, Astra. I usually make the stretcher myself, using carefully selected pine wood for the purpose. I prime the linen according to my own recipe, using only natural components, with no additional polymers or acrylics. All works are varnished. The sides of the paintings are not covered with paint, and they are usually unframed.


Batik is a manual technique of painting with warm wax on the canvas. On covering the canvas with wax, selected fragments of the cloth are dyed. Each batik is made in one copy and is unique. It is painted on thin canvas, by the means of paint of a very high quality. It will not fade in colour even after many years. It looks amazingly effective when framed and put behind glass or highlighted.


The works of art. are created in the “lost wax” technology. First, they are curved in soft material (wax), and afterwards cast in brass and undergo final processing. The technique is extremely time-consuming and requires a considerable input of financial means (the cost of the raw material and casting). Each and every work of art is created as a the only specimen.


The works are created in an individual technique.


There is only one copy of each piece of jewellery, invented and designed by myself. The works are handmade from precious/semiprecious stones, 925 sterling silver and additional materials of the highest quality.